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Wild Disguise is a vibrant, melancholic, dreamy rock band formed by songwriter James Moritz and vocalist Ellie Main. Inviting the audience along into their world Wild Disguise creates an atmosphere of eclectic aesthetic along with swelling energy and quiet vulnerability. 


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Out of the Box EP

by Wild Disguise

Produced by James Moritz & Will Sargent
Engineered by Will Sargent
Mixed by Will Sargent
Recorded at Sargent Sound in 2017 in Austin, TX
Mastered by Mike Tucci

All rights reserved.
James W. Moritz II ©




Moritz and Main both met over a mutual appreciation for film both having degrees from NYU and Bournemouth (respectively) and later found they shared a passion for music. After recording a few demos they decided to form Wild Disguise in late 2017.

Moritz also plays bass and sings backup in Mayeux & Broussard as well as fills in around the Austin country music scene.

Main hosts a charity game show Play It Forward.

Vocals, Guitar / James Moritz
Vocals / Ellie Main

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News & Updates


Texas Tea Backyard Zine Festival

Full lineup coming soon! Wild Disguise will perform at 2pm. Information available in Live section


march 25th, 2019

“Smoke Rings” officially released on BandCamp. Wider release coming soon.

LINK: Smoke Rings

DECEMBER 8th, 2018

Wild Disguise joins friends Rod Melancon and Chris King at Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden.

june 15, 2018

Out of the Box EP out now
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